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Close Call on Otago Rally

A huge moment on SS10 - click to play video

2023 Otago Rally - Rally Report

Hi Everyone,

Last weekend’s Otago Rally didn’t go quite to plan. While we thought we were well prepared with plenty of pre-event testing and prep, as often happens on the day other challenges or issues are there to test you.

Over the jump at the end of Shag Valley. Photo: Lance Hastie

On the first couple of stages on Day 1 our brakes started to get very hot, so that after about 18 kilometres I had to back off and just steer our way to the finish. Amy (Hudson) and I had a better stage 3 as it was a shorter at 7.68km, but then at the finish stop control as we went to leave, I found I had no clutch.

We managed to get the car back to service where it was it was discovered we had a broken clutch release bearing. The guys did a fantastic job replacing the broken part, but unfortunately, we went over the allowed 40-minute service time and had to with-draw for the day, although we did do the last 3 stages to make sure the clutch was working properly and test some tyres.

With modifications to the brake systems we continued on Day 2 and immediately were back on the pace regularly setting top 6 times through the day and that’s where we finished up for Leg 2 – sixth overall. Of course, we’d like to be running higher than that and at least challenging for a podium so we have plenty of work to do before the next event.

There’s some panel damage to repair too. My apologies to the team and to the farmer, who’s fence I did some major modifications to. Check-out the VIDEO - Two of the bigger moments of my rally career all in the space of 500m.....Very Lucky!!

Kuri Bush is the last stage of Otago Rally and one of the best. Photo: Ross Hyde

We’ll put out a full video report next week.
The next event is Rally Whangarei 12 – 14th May. See you there.

Have a good Easter.